Dangerous Power Gun - G5

$295.95 - $329.77
Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

DP Engineering continues to strive for the exceptional design, combined with the standards of today's players. DP's years of experience in craftsmanship & intricate design brings forth a high quality marker, the all new Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Marker. Prepare to win!

Internal Airline Stinger Frame
The Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Marker's Unibody Frame, milled from high-grade aluminum, houses the Stinger Frame Internal Airline System. Precision milling is used through the Stinger Frame to route the marker's air pressure from ASA to regulator without macrolines. The Stinger Frame includes a heavy-duty bracing structure for increased durability and is complimented with a high-performing lightweight design. Cutting edge technology, stamped with ingenuity.

Riptide Regulator
A superior design, the Riptide Regulator's operation directs the flow of pressure smoothly and consistently. The regulator receives input pressure from the Stinger Frame's internal airlines and routes it to cycle the Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Marker. The components of the Riptide Regulator are very light, compact, and comprised of only a 7 stationary O-rings.

Subsonic Bolt Engine
The Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Marker's Subsonic Bolt Engine delivers a lower pressure operation for smooth firing and insane shot to shot accuracy. The ported vents on the G5 Bolt generates fluid motion during bolt-actuation, while creating a subsonic flow from the pressure chamber and through the vented ports to cushion the paintball while accelerating.

Redesigned Clamping Feedneck
The Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Marker comes standard with a cushioned locking mechanism that decreases wear and tear on the lever while still providing a snug grip. After all, who wants to watch their loader going flying when you crash into that bunker?.

Wave Trigger
The Dangerous Power G5's Wave Trigger features precision dual bearings and smooth pivoting action to allow extremely high rates of fire. The Wave Trigger allows fine tuning for increased trigger sensitivity on three popints of adjustment.

  • - Four Firing Modes: Semi, PSP3, NXL & Millennium
  • - RAPS Lever On/Off ASA
  • - No macroline design; all internal airlines
  • - Redesigned Bolt
  • - Uses compressed air (HPA) only. Use of a CO2 tank can damage the marker and void your warranty!