Custom Products 1 Piece Barrel - Combat Pro - Dust Black - Autococker - 20 Inch

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The discriminating milsim/ scenario paintball player needs a quality made barrel that can adapt. The Custom Products 20 Inch Combat Pro Barrel Autococker is ready for whatever mission or look you need. Precision machined and meticulously finished, the Combat Pro features a generous amount of straight porting towards the muzzle to optimize air efficiency and reduce sound signature. The muzzle is threaded to accept a wide variety of tips or Apex adapters. A generously ported muzzle break is included. The breech end features another set of threads to accept the full range of Custom Products assault rifle-style handguards and rails. A complete modular barrel system for the woodsballer!

  • - Precision machined aluminum construction
  • - Mirror polished inner bore
  • - Threaded tip to accept a wide variety of muzzle brakes and Apex adapters
  • - Muzzle break included
  • - Threaded breech to accept a wide variety of CP handguards and rails