Custom Products 1 Piece Barrel - Combat Classic - 20 Inch - Dust Black - .693

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The Custom Products 20" Combat Classic Barrel .693 enables the paintball sniper to surgically remove opponents from the paintball battlefield. Precision machined and meticulously finished, the Combat Classic features a generous amount of straight porting towards the muzzle to optimize air efficiency and reduce sound signature. A flash hider-style muzzle break is machined into the barrel tip for an aggressive look. The extra length lets you stealthily slip the barrel through brush and holes in bunkers, allowing you to take those sneaky shots from deep behind cover where you'll never be seen. Truly the paintball sniper's best friend!

  • - Precision machined aluminum construction
  • - Mirror polished inner bore
  • - Muzzle break machined into tip
  • - Extra length for slipping through brush and branches, letting you shoot from concealment