Core Gun Sight - Red Dot - 20mm Rail

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Get quick target acquisition with the CORE Dead Box Red Dot Sight!

Ready to start eliminating your opponents one by one?
Want a easy to use sight so you know where you're aiming?

The CORE Dead Box Red Dot Sight helps you put paint on your opponent. The Dead Box Sight is an adjustable electronic red dot unit with a wide angle lens for quick and easy targeting. When switched on a red LED is reflected on this lens, making aiming as simple as putting the glowing dot on your opponent. Unlike optical sights, you can leave both eyes open; your brain naturally superimposes the dot correctly. By keeping both eyes open you retain your full field of vision and depth perception. The Dead Box is fully adjustable for windage and elevation so you can fine tune it to your marker. The CORE Dead Box Red Dot Sight mounts onto virtually all 7/8" tactical rails.

CORE Dead Box Red Dot Sight features:
  • - Lightweight plastic body
  • - Easy on/off switch
  • - Wide angle reflective lens
  • - Adjustable windage and elevation
  • - Uses single CR 2032 Battery (included)
  • - Mounts to 7/8" tactical rails
  • Note: An offset or angled sight rail is needed to use this sight on a Tippmann A5 marker.