Core Gun Package Kit - Tippmann A5 - Centurion Night Ops

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Be prepared to rule the field at night!

Serious scenario paintball doesn't stop when the sun sets and access to quick powerful light in an instant can be critical. The CORE A5 Centurion Night Ops Paintball Gun Package comes ready to battle when the lights go out. Forming the base of this combo is the legendary Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun. The A5's combination of reliability, ease of maintenance and fast Cyclone Feed System has made it one of the most popular markers of all time. Surrounding the marker is the CORE Centurion 4 Rail Tactical Shroud. This bolt-on shroud mounts multiple 7/8" tactical rails to increase the functionality for any mission needs. The Collapsible Stock provides a stable shooting platform that adjusts on the fly for a perfect fit. The Tactical Flashlight with Rail Mount and Pressure Activation Switch sits ready to throw quick light at the press of a button. Illuminate the trail at your feet when negotiating rough terrain, highlight your barrel cover when walking off the field or flash it in your opponent's eyes to dazzle their vision before rushing in. The Vertical Foregrip makes for a rock steady grip and secure switch mount. Don't let the dark stop you!

CORE A5 Centurion Night Ops Marker Package includes:
  • - Tippmann A5 Paintball Marker
  • - CORE Centurion 4 Rail Tactical Shroud
  • - Collapsible Stock
  • - Tactical Flashlight with Rail Mount
  • - Coiled Pressure Switch
  • - Deluxe Ergonomic Foregrip