Core Gun Package Kit - Tippmann A5 - Centurion Close Quarters

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Get ready to start kicking in doors and clearing rooms. The CORE Tippmann Centurion Close Quarters Marker Package is ready to perform when you need it to most. The heart of the Centurion Close Quarters marker is the proven Tippmann A5 marker combining legendary reliability with easy maintenance. The marker is mated to a CORE Centurion 4 Rail Body Kit and Aluminum M16 Mock Magazine Kit, changing the whole profile of the marker and providing multiple tactical rails for an endless array of accessories. A collapsible stock adjusts to your specific length for a perfect fit. A vertical grip lets you keep control of the marker while the red laser sight and pressure switch makes positive target acquisition a snap. Of course, the Centurion body means this is only the beginning, as multiple configurations are only limited by your imagination.

Combo includes:

  • - Tippmann A5 Paintball MArker
  • - CORE Centurion 4 Rail Body
  • - CORE Aluminum M16 Magazine Kit
  • - CORE Collapsible Stock
  • - Vertical Tactical Grip
  • - Red Laser Sight with Rail Mount and Pressure Switch