Core Chest Protector - Reversible Camo

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Impact-free protection with a CORE Reversible Camo Paintball Chest Protector!

When CORE Paintball asked their customers what color they wanted in a chest and back protector, half said camo and half said black. Well, why not give the customer both? The CORE Reversible Camo Chest Protector lets you choose between woodland camo for crawling in the brush or black for being a ninja in the shadows. Tired of of chest protectors that feel like you're wearing a cardboard box? This one is made of 1/4" dense cel foam hinged to mold and comform to the body's shape. Tough denier construction and wide velcro elastic straps provide a wide range of adjustability and toughness. Take the sting out of getting hit and stasrt playing more confidently!

  • - 1/4" dense foam hinged armor plates
  • - Tough denier nylon outer shell reversible camo or black
  • - Elastic shoulders and adjustable velcro sides