Core .68 Caliber Paintballs - White Box Premium Quality - 2000 Rounds (Extra Oil In Bag)

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Now: $22.95
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CORE White Box Paintballs are great on a budget!

The Core White Box Paintballs are a great quality paint for a low price. Please be sure to clean the extra oil off before use for best results.

Player's View:
We all know this sport can get expensive at times. White box paint is a great choice of paint for those who are not wanting to spend a lot of money but wants to have a good day of playing paintball. You can play even more paintball with all the money you save! Who could argue with this economically friendly way of playing paintball, it's just too good of a deal.

*NOTE* If the color selected is not available then we will substitute your order with a color that is available. If you need a specific color then please call us direct for availability. *NOTE*