Bob Long Gun Bolt - Pillow - Ion/Ion Xe

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The Bob Long Pillow Bolt, originally designed and used in Bob Long's best high end markers, is now available for the Ion and Ion XE! The Pillow Bolt weighs in at 25 grams, 7 grams lighter than the stock bolt. This reduction in weight increases cycle speed and allows for a lower operating pressure. The shaft is hollowed and ported for maximum air volume while still retaing structural integrity. True to its name, the bolt features the famous rubber "pillow" on the face. This shock absorber reduces the impact of the interface between bolt and paintball, reducing breakage with tournament grade brittle paint or when playing in cold weather. One of the smartest upgrades for your Ion-based marker.


  • Weighs on 25 grams
  • Fine polished surfaces for less friction
  • Soft rubber "pillow" face for gentle paint contact