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The Airowgun Edge Paintball Marker is the world's first bow powered paintball gun!

Are you ready for the ultimate paintball challenge? Are you ready to go against the odds, relying on your skill and wits instead of firepower? The Airowgun Edge may just be for you as it is unlike any other marker by combining archery and paintball. Its powered by a real compound bow instead of CO2 or compressed air!

The Airowgun Edge works by a piston connected to the bowstring. When fully drawn and released the piston builds up pressure, propelling the paintball through the barrel and at your target. Velocity is fully adjustable between 260 to 300 fps. Paintballs are fed through a gravity-fed quick load tube.

The Airowgun Edge is incredibly accurate and amazingly quiet. Sneaking around and sniping on the fringes of the field, your opponents will never hear where your shots are coming from. It will perform in all weather conditions and you'll never have to stand in line for CO2 or air refills again! Its not for everyone... but then again, not everyone can become a legend!

  • - Airowgun paintball marker unit
  • - 60 lb. pull/ 29 inch draw camouflage compound bow
  • - .68 caliber
  • - Gravity fed feed tube
  • - Requires no CO2 or compressed air!
  • - Precision machined aluminum and composite construction
  • - Same range and velocity as traditional .68 caliber paintball guns
  • - Whisper-quiet operation