Valken Mask - Annex MI-9

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Valken's MI-9 Annex improves on its Sly predecessors to the best in the series!

The Annex MI-9 takes all of the great features of the tested Annex paintball goggle series, including Valken's best-selling MI-7 mask, and improves on it with a flexible jaw. This innovation is found on a lot of modern masks, but rarely at so competitive a price, and is designed to promote paintballs to bounce off the mask, keeping you in the game. It also makes it easier to aim a marker with a shoulder stock comfortably, and with its ability to absorb jostling from movement, especially crawling.

The Annex MI-9 features a thermal lens with a scratch-resistant hardcoat treatment over its sturdy polcarbonate construction, so your lens will be fog and scratch-resistant. The lens is held in place by the patented QuickChange lens-release & retention system, allowing you to switch out your lens or perform maintenance quickly, secured with a durable microstitch strap.

Complementing the new flexible lower mask, the MI-9 offers high-density injected polyethylene construction to make sure the mask stands up to punishment. The make the mask comfortable, the goggle features two layers of foam. The exterior layer uses open cell foam to form to the face while it wicks sweat, while a base layer of styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) foam absorbs impacts. This dual-layer construction protects you both around the frame and your ears, so no matter where you're hit, you're covered.

  • Lower mask composed of rubber gives superior comfort, and promotes paintballs to bounce off rather than break, with a durable high-density injected polyethylene in the rest of the mask.
  • Double pane lens fights fogging, and a scratch-resistant hardcoat treatment makes the sturdy polcarbonate construction even more indestructible.
  • Exterior layer wicks sweat and creates a comfortable fit with an open cell foam, while a base layer of styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) foam absorbs impacts. This dual-layer construction is located in both the frame and at the ears, so no matter where a hit strikes, you're protected.
  • Premium microstitch strap for extra durability, elasticity, and eye-catching embroidered logos
  • Ultimate visibility, 160 degrees vertical and 260 degrees horizontal vision. See where you're walking!
  • Patented QuickChange lens-release & retention system, so you can switch out your lens or perform maintenance quickly.
  • Visor geometry optimized for peak ball deflection, as well shade and rain protection.
  • Full ASTM and CE certification